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Change the PrtSc key on your new Thinkpad Keyboard …

If you  were used to the old Thinkpad keyboards and got one of the new Chiclet style ones, you might miss the old “Context Menu” button that used to be down there next to the Win and the AltGr button.  I did. To fix it, download SharpKeys- a freeware application that will allow you to rem... [More]

How to use Web Platform Installer to get Azure SDK 1.7

The version of Web Platform Installer available from the “official” page is still 3.0 and it doesn’t list the 1.7 June version of the Azure SDK and tools. I’ve been waiting around However, if you go here, to the official Azure pages,  and get the file named VWDOrVs11Azu... [More]

BizTalk 2010 and SQL server 2012?

While Microsoft have not released any information (to my knowledge) about the support for Running BizTalk 2010 on top of SQL 2012 that have just been RTM, I can see  that it works fine on my development server here at home. The official requirements still only states up to SQL 2008R2 though. I... [More]

Append functionality added to the CodePlex BizTalk SFTP adapter

I love this adapter. Great work by Mikael Håkonsson and Johan Hedberg on something that Microsoft should have included as part of what comes in the box.  While working for a client in Norway, we needed the option of doing append. We looked at the Nsoftware SFTP adapter and... [More]