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BizTalk 2010 and SQL server 2012?

While Microsoft have not released any information (to my knowledge) about the support for Running BizTalk 2010 on top of SQL 2012 that have just been RTM, I can see  that it works fine on my development server here at home. The official requirements still only states up to SQL 2008R2 though. I... [More]

Append functionality added to the CodePlex BizTalk SFTP adapter

I love this adapter. Great work by Mikael Håkonsson and Johan Hedberg on something that Microsoft should have included as part of what comes in the box.  While working for a client in Norway, we needed the option of doing append. We looked at the Nsoftware SFTP adapter and... [More]

New years resolutions and BizTalk 2010 CU3

Finally got around to upgrading my blog to 2.5 … with that done, and the new year coming, I’ll promise to blog more often whenever I run into some interesting problems! Until then, here is a link to remind myself where to find BizTalk 2010 CU3   http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2617149

Review and opinions of MicroProcessor fitted articifial Knees

I am going to stray a little from topics of my other posts, to post this rather long rant of thoughts about my road-testing of 3 different computer-controlled knees. There is a lack of user opinions around this subject, and I’d like to post my opinions and observations, in case they could be helpful... [More]

WCF.SQL hotfix not included in BizTalk 2009 CU

This is mostly a reminder to myself. The WCF SQL adapter hotfix found here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2300507 is NOT included in the 2009 CU release in late 2010.  It’s more like a hotfix for the WCF LOB Adapter SDK SP2 as it’s replacing the Microsoft.Servicemodel.Channels.dll