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Review and opinions of MicroProcessor fitted articifial Knees

I am going to stray a little from topics of my other posts, to post this rather long rant of thoughts about my road-testing of 3 different computer-controlled knees. There is a lack of user opinions around this subject, and I’d like to post my opinions and observations, in case they could be helpful... [More]

WCF.SQL hotfix not included in BizTalk 2009 CU

This is mostly a reminder to myself. The WCF SQL adapter hotfix found here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2300507 is NOT included in the 2009 CU release in late 2010.  It’s more like a hotfix for the WCF LOB Adapter SDK SP2 as it’s replacing the Microsoft.Servicemodel.Channels.dll

Future of BizTalk fleshed out a little more …

If you are like me, and the official message on the BizTalk future was a little too vague, see this presentation from Paolo Salvatore and Tony Meleg from TechEd Berlin this year: http://www.msteched.com/2010/Europe/ASI204 The last 20 minutes are Tony talking about the future.

Getting VS 2010 to remember it’s default browser

I’m using Google Chrome (Go google!) as my system default browser on Windows 7.  But I want to use Internet Explorer for debugging web apps from VS 2010, as VS apparently have some issues figuring out how to shut down the process of my tab, when I Exit the debugger… I used the standard “Browse... [More]

New build of Windows Server Appfabric is out - 1.0.2034.0

Even though it shows version on the Microsoft download page, the July 23rd 2010 update is in fact an update from 1.0.2019.2 to build 1.0.2034 I am not able to spot the difference, and there are no updated release notes, tracking changes or bugfixes. I started a thread on the MSDN forum to ... [More]