Blogengine.Net and posting from Windows Live Writer to a HTTPS site

I don’t know if this is specific to my setup, but after deploying Let’s Encrypt certificates to my Azure App Service hosted site, I had a problem with Windows Live Writer and the metaweblog.axd endpoint. I had to manually edit the settings.xml file found in App_Data. At the bottom of the file, look for <requiresslmetaweblogapi>False</requiresslmetaweblogapi> I changed it to True <requiresslmetaweblogapi>True</requiresslmetaweblogapi> To be safe I restarted the site, and after that, no more problems posting to my SSL based site from Live Writer.

XUnit and .NET Core not showing the little unit test “Run shortcut” in Visual Studio 2017

I have battled with this for a few days, and if you google around, there is plenty of issues with XUnit tests not showing up in the test explorer. But mine does. Just fine. However … when I click on the test, in the test explorer they won’t send me to the test, as they should. And the little blue/green/red icon that shows me the test status is missing. If you see this, you need to go to the NUGET package folder.  C:\Users\[username]\.nuget\packages\xunit.runner.visualstudio Mine looked like this:   For some reason, the Visual Studio testrunner gets confused if more packages live there. Why, beats me, as I am only using one of them in my solution, and this is just the local package repository? But … delete the ones you do not use in your solution, and VOILA!