ESB 2.0 Toolkit – The UDDI Service url is wrong.

I had trouble getting auto publishing to the UDDI 3.0 to work, and it was due to an error in the app.config. When configuring the ESB 2.0 Toolkit, and deploying the Portal, the UDDI Service (an ESB Service – not the UDDI 3-0 Service) is published to this url:  http://localhost/ESB.UDDI.Service/UDDIService.asmx But in the app.config for the UDDI service, the url is set to http://localhost/ESB.UDDIService/UDDIService.asmx Notice that there is no dot, between UDDI and Service. Just edit the app.config found in the C:\Projects\Microsoft.Practics.ESB\Source\Samples\Management Portal\ESB.UDDI.PublisherService folder. Rebuild, and redeploy the msi. <applicationSettings>   <Microsoft.Practices.ESB.UDDI.PublisherService.Properties.Settings>    <settingname="ESB_UDDI_PublisherService_UDDIService_UDDIService"     serializeAs="String">    <value>http://localhost/ESB.UDDIService/UDDIService.... [More]