Installing UDDI 3.0 DB on a separate SQL server

I recently had to install UDDI 3.0 on a BizTalk / ESB setup multiserver setup with SQL server on a seperate box/cluster. I had installed all components (except the sdk bits) on the BizTalk servers, and I didn’t understand why the config tool bombed on me when I tried to point to the SQL server. Turns out that you have to do it like this: install the UDDI Database Component only, on the SQL server Configure the database on the SQL server install everything BUT THE DATABASE component on the BizTalk server Configure the UDDI web server and the Notification server on the first BizTalk Node Configure the UDDI Web server on the consecutive BizTalk Nodes (Notification can only be configured once – don’t really fully understand that bit) This solution was suggested to me by Ulf Lundquist – a Microsoft Consulting Services guy I have the pleasure of working with at a client in Copenhagen.  Thanks Ulf!!  This cost me quite a few gray hairs … A... [More]

BizTalk Server 2006R2 SP1 Beta and 2009R2 news

There is a BizTalk Server 2006R2 SP1 on the way. I just received an email about it as I have apparently once reported a bug … Can’t remember which one, one tends to only remember the good times right?  :D  Anyway … check it out here: New features in 2006R2 SP1   And a lot of stuff about BizTalk 2009 R2 at the Connect site. Registration link is not up yet … but VS 2010, 60% faster BizTalk admin and and a more intelligent mapper sounds great!   To quote Billy Connolly … “We want it NOW … I want it YESTERDAY … and I want frickin MORE TOMORROW. And the demands will all be changed so frickin STAY AWAKE!! “     :-D