BizTalk 2010 Beta, and the UDDI service

When installing UDDI 3.0 from the BizTalk 2009 media, on a named SQL instance, there is a known bug in the UDDI config framework. It states that the UDDI database is not a valid UDDI db. Even though it has not yet been created. There is a hotfix for this, and I know from experience that it is solving the problem. In the BizTalk 2010 Readme.htm it states that:  “The following features are not updated or tested for Beta: UDDI” So I thought that I could just apply the hotfix after deploying UDDI… So I installed the UDDI from the BizTalk Server 2010 Beta, and tried to apply the hotfix.  But it turns out, that the 2 DLL’s that are updated by the hotfix, have a higher build version, than the ones in the hotfix. This causes the hotfix to fail.  I also tried to extract the 2 DLL's and stick them in the config folder, manually, but still got the same error. So … solution for now, is just to install the old 3.0 UDDI form the BizTalk 2009, a... [More]