Review and opinions of MicroProcessor fitted articifial Knees

I am going to stray a little from topics of my other posts, to post this rather long rant of thoughts about my road-testing of 3 different computer-controlled knees. There is a lack of user opinions around this subject, and I’d like to post my opinions and observations, in case they could be helpful to somebody. Originally, I wrote this for the O And P list as it originally gave me a lot of hints and clues, before my tests started. I cleaned it up a little, and corrected (most of) the spelling / typo mistakes, but the basic content is the same as found on the list. So if you read it there, no need to read it again. Here is my original post to the list. MPK = Micro Processor Knee, A prosthetic knee joint fitted with a processor to help continuously gauge and adjust the behavior of the knee during gait. Middle of November last year I wrote about opinions and benefits/weaknesses about MPK fitted legs for people in my situation. That is left femur and right Crux amputees. I have now had... [More]