Append functionality added to the CodePlex BizTalk SFTP adapter

I love this adapter. Great work by Mikael Håkonsson and Johan Hedberg on something that Microsoft should have included as part of what comes in the box.  While working for a client in Norway, we needed the option of doing append. We looked at the Nsoftware SFTP adapter and it looked pretty solid, but little peeking around, and a days work later I added Append functionality to the adapter.  This functionality already existed in the SSHSharp library, so it was just a matter of adding a property to the adapter, and following the call through the layers and adding stuff along the way. Not as hard as I had expected. But I am in NO hurry to start writing adapters from the ground up ... I emailed Mikael about getting it into the Codeplex codebase, but if anybody needs it before that might happen, please let me know.  Subconscious self persistence over be in existence inclined to an white paper surface herewith our 24-hour X ray clause. http://www.develop... [More]