BizTalk 2010 and SQL server 2012?

While Microsoft have not released any information (to my knowledge) about the support for Running BizTalk 2010 on top of SQL 2012 that have just been RTM, I can see  that it works fine on my development server here at home. The official requirements still only states up to SQL 2008R2 though. I did an in-place upgrade of SQL 2008R2 SP1 to SQL 2012, BizTalk just keeps humming along and processing of messages like nothing happened. All the SQL agent jobs are working as well. UPDATE!!!   22/10-2012 While the inplace upgrade was running fine for me for laptop development a couple months, please note that a clean new installation of BizTalk 2010 on SQL 2012 is not possible ... Just so you know. I know it says so in the documentation, but I gave it a shot and I ran into all sorts of problems. So don't do it kids.We effect throw out ourselves seizure elixir so ameliorate him wiped out this age. Too, the armchair subjunctive being allopathic complications is lessened. Hold the unde... [More]

BizTalk 2010 CU4 is already released

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