How to use Web Platform Installer to get Azure SDK 1.7

The version of Web Platform Installer available from the “official” page is still 3.0 and it doesn’t list the 1.7 June version of the Azure SDK and tools. I’ve been waiting around However, if you go here, to the official Azure pages,  and get the file named VWDOrVs11AzurePack_RC.3f.3f.3fnew.exe (clever name there!) it will install the Web Platform Installer version 4.0, and this will show all the same stuff as the 3.0 Platform Installer, but also all the new goodies. Or if you only want to install the Azure stuff, and not have to pick it out from the many options in the Web Platform Installer, go here where it will install and launch the Web Platform Installer 4.0, but select the Azure stuff for you. Saves you time from figuring out what you need and don’t need from the original Azure SDK V1.7 June release list from MS Download ….   EDIT:  There is another link to the ... [More]