Quick fix for looking into a copy of the Tracking Database

When I do consulting at clients that use the tracking database it can be a problem scheduling time with an operations person with access to querying the tracking database. While it is easy to get a copy of it, and there are lots of good queries floating around on the internet, it is easier for a quick problem-solving session to look into the restored production copy through the BizTalk Admin Console.  The queries aimed at stuff that is stuck in the messagebox, like Suspended Service instances and In-progress stuff will not show you production data, but if you just need to slice through tracking data, this will hook you up. You can do this quite easily on your dev box, by updating the name of the tracking database like this: !!!!NOTE!!!!   Do only play with this setting on your dev box, or a client dev/test server …. If you have a BizTalk development server setup already, restore the database onto your SQL server. Name it something like ‘ProdTracking&rsqu... [More]