BAM Portal on NLB with Kerberos Authentication on IIS 7.0

Quick note about using doing the NLB thin on the portal, while using Kerberos. If you get an error while trying to access the BAM portal after configuring it for NLB usage, and you get the Eventlog error (audit failure in the security event log) I’ve posted below, then you are probably using Kerberos Authentication and it is not letting you access your BAM Portal behind your NLB Cluster. First, make sure you have followed most of the steps in the BAM NLB guide here. There were some dodgy parts at the end i couldn’t see the reason why was needed so I left them out. And they forgot about the SPN … and the last part of my post.  Guess they never got around to trying this out on IIS 7.0 …   Then remember to register the SPN (Service Principal Names) with the AD application pool user running the BAM site. They forgot about that in the Microsoft BAM NLB guide …. Syntax: setspn -A HTTP/servername domain\account setspn -A HTTP/servernam... [More]