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Factus Consulting is my company, where I assist clients achieve success in implementing and using select Microsoft products, or help them on the way to achieve a DevOps culture in agile teams.

Injecting energy into a project or a team and "getting things done" is some of what I can provide, hence the name Factus.

Starting from a backgound in Microsoft infrastructure I have moved to building integrations on top of the Microsoft stack in a developer/architect role. I currently use my 15+ years of experience from both operations and development to focus on how to help customers in the DevOps space. From both sides, I have felt the pain of code thrown over that fence for way too long.

Depending on the maturity of an organization, I can help agile teams and organizations implement Continous Integration, Automated testing, Continous Delivery, Metrics and monitoring tools, to work towards the DevOps credo of "You build it - you run it".

I am fully aware that flipping bits or implementing Octopus, Jenkins or Ansible will not get us to DevOps nirvana. Getting there will require a coordinated effort across Processes, Products and People (culture).

For a C.V. - look at my Linkedin profile for updated project experience.

Contact me through the contact form on this blog, or through my email address: lars(at)factus.dk

Lars W. Andersen / [factus]

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