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Factus Consulting is my company, where I assist clients on their way to achieve a DevOps culture in agile teams.

Injecting energy into a project or a team and "getting things done" is some of what I can provide, hence the name Factus.

I am a devops engineer / coach / evangelist with a background distributed evenly across infrastructure /operations and development, mostly on the Microsoft platform. Lately I have been following Microsoft and the DevOps toolchain across other platforms and languages as well.

My origins as an accountant, auditor and financial controller combined with a diploma in strategic management & economics provide a good understanding of the business needs driving IT, and the big picture is present in everything I do.

My years spent building IT systems and working both in Dev and Ops, gave me a chance to understand the differences dividing the two. Later, when the DevOps movement began I was ready to participate and promote the ideas, products and practices at the core of this doctrine. Even though DevOps engineer was not my primary role on many of my former projects, I had the opportunity to spend time on enabling cross-team and cross-culture collaboration and automate everything that could be automated. And - whenever possible - challenge the processes that were a barrier to deliver value with the least amount of bureaucratic overhead.

Depending on the maturity of an organization, I can help agile teams and organizations implement Continous Integration, Automated testing, Continous Delivery, Metrics and monitoring tools, to work towards the DevOps credo of "You build it - you run it".

I am fully aware that flipping bits or implementing Octopus, Jenkins or Ansible will not get us to DevOps nirvana. Getting there will require a coordinated effort across Processes, Products and People (culture).

For a C.V. - look at my Linkedin profile for updated project experience.

Contact me through the contact form on this blog, or through my email address: lars(at)factus.dk

Lars W. Andersen / [factus]

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