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Cause/do/bring about/act/take action

[factus] is my company, where I assist clients achieve success in implementing and using select Microsoft products. 

Injecting energy into a project and 'getting things done' is some of what I can provide, hence the name. I focus my attention on everything BizTalk Server and bring along a solid understanding of general infrastructure/administration challenges, and have hands-on experience with a number of products in the Microsoft Stack. As I tend to do both BizTalk development and infrastructure, I often end up in a Dev-Ops role in the project.

I enjoy doing everything from design and architecture through building the system and follow up with day-to-day operations. If needed, I have been involved in plenty of firefighting of high profile and high availability systems. I have received good feedback on technical mentoring and dev-lead roles on projects where that was needed.

My background is in business and economics, but since 2000 I have been pursuing a career in the IT industry. Since end of 2006 I have been working as a freelance Consultant out of my company [factus].

For a C.V. - look at my Linkedin profile for updated project experience.   Here you can also read recommendations given to me by former and current clients and colleagues. 

Contact me through the contact form on this blog, or through my email address: lars(at)factus.dk 
Here is my PGP Public key: 

Lars W. Andersen /  [factus] 

Company information: 
Factus Consulting ApS
CVR No 36900725
Rørbækvej 19
DK-2730 Herlev

Last updated: 07-04-2016