XUnit and .NET Core not showing the little unit test “Run shortcut” in Visual Studio 2017

I have battled with this for a few days, and if you google around, there is plenty of issues with XUnit tests not showing up in the test explorer. But mine does. Just fine.

However … when I click on the test, in the test explorer they won’t send me to the test, as they should. And the little blue/green/red icon that shows me the test status is missing.


If you see this, you need to go to the NUGET package folder. C:\Users[username].nuget\packages\xunit.runner.visualstudio

Mine looked like this:


For some reason, the Visual Studio testrunner gets confused if more packages live there. Why, beats me, as I am only using one of them in my solution, and this is just the local package repository?

But … delete the ones you do not use in your solution, and VOILA!